Basic MGD Dry Eye Bundle + Blue Light Protection


This Bundle includes:

  • Retaine MGD Artificial Tear
  • Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Fortifeye Focus Blue Light Defense

OCuSOFT Artificial Tears

OCuSOFT lubricant eye drops provide immediate and long-lasting relief for moderate to severe dry eyes. Please select Retaine HPMC or Retaine MGD based on your doctor's recommendation.

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil

PROMOTES:  Heart Health • Brain Health • Eye Health • Joint Health • Circulation • Good Blood Pressure • Healthy Cholesterol • Improved Triglycerides • Skin, Hair & Nail Health • Mental & Cognitive Health, Muscle Recovery

  • 60 Softgels (30 day supply)
  • High Potency/Triple Strength 900 EPA/600 DHA
  • Best value in the industry for triglyceride form omega-3

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Fortifeye Focus Blue Light Defense

Fortifeye FOCUS was developed for reviving, rejuvenating, refreshing and protecting your eyes. It is used to give the nutrients studies show may help reduce eye fatigue and strain from prolonged near-work and computer work.† Also specific ratios of carotenoids are used to protect the eye from the harmful blue light emitted from computer, tablets, smart phones, television, sun light and new forms of indoor lighting.

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