Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular Defense


Fortifeye Vitamins now has genotype-directed nutritional therapy for macular degeneration patients by following all of the studies related to nutrition, DNA and Macular degeneration very closely.

Includes a total 90 tablets taken 3x daily with meals for optimum absorption.

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Fortifeye Vitamins most recent addition is a zinc free antioxidant eye vitamin for macular degeneration patients in response to new science recently published. The latest studies suggest that a percentage of the population with specific genotypes that have macular degeneration may actually be harmed by taking high dosage of zinc yet some may benefit from taking zinc and antioxidants.

  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED all natural multi-vitamin dietary supplement that’s a potent complex blend of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, whole foods, vegetable extract, and enzymes combined into one convenient USP certified tablet for optimal results
  • HIGH BIOAVAILABILITY and packed with our most powerful level of antioxidants – nutrients include vitamin B6, B12, C, D, all 8 forms of vitamin E, biotin, and more
  • ALL NATURAL without any synthetic nutrients, dyes, trans fats, or artificial sweeteners – contains zero Vitamin A or Beta Carotine which blocks the absorption of Lutein, and Zeaxanthin
  • MULTI VITAMIN THAT SUPPORTS EYE HEALTH with a complex mix of macular carotenoids including 18 mg of lutein, and 4.2 mg of zeaxanthin isomers per serving – does not include zinc allowing you to customize your treatment of macular degeneration with your eye care provider
  • Includes a total 90 tablets taken 3x daily with meals for optimum absorption.

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